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Reiki Level II to Master


Group Coaching Program

You’ve done your Level || and desire to start or expand your practice but aren’t sure what is the next best step.... here it is, a 5 month group coaching program for Reiki Level II healers who want to...




This Program is For You if...

  • You love being a healer and know deep down you are meant to do more with it.

  • You’ve done your level II and desire to start or expand your practice but aren’t sure what is the next best step.

  • You thrive in community and need a coach who will hold you accountable and keep you out of overwhelm as you navigate these next steps.

  • You want to align yourself with what you are doing, drop the imposter that can surface with being a healer and entrepreneur, and create a thriving side hustle (or full time hustle.  The potential is there!).

  • You want a coach who can guide and support you in the business strategy side of attracting dream clients and setting up your operations.

  • The idea of having a coach and mentor to assist in navigating client healing work, issues that may arise, and building your confidence as you take on clients and build your business.  

  • You desire deeper healing yourself, want to your master teacher certification, and continue the work of mastering self in a supportive environment. 

All while completing your Master Level Certification.

During the 5 Months We Will...

  1. Develop Clarity on what you want your practice to look like, who you want to serve, how to package and price your offers, and how to market your services.

  2. Build your confidence in seeing your initial clients, promoting your services on social media, in network groups, etc..

  3. Deepening your own level of knowledge and skills in reiki and developing the tool box for you to share and serve others with.  You will become mastery level certified in Reiki.

  4. Guide and support you as you navigate this newfound business realm.  

    1. Create your offers and packages to align with who you want to serve.

    2. Promote your offers on social media.

    3. Set up client pathways and build your enrolment strategy.

    4. Master your money story and help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

  5. Leaning in and learning how to develop your intuition and self trust and using it to serve clients and grow  your business.  



$1200 Value

Monthly 90 minute Group Mastermind and Q&A Sessions

$1400 Value

6 - 90 minute Individual 1-1 Healing and Coaching Sessions


Community of support and Likeminded Individuals 

Modules and Journaling Prompt Guides ($3000 value)

Helping you to build the business, step into your purpose and create a thriving

side hustle without the burnout.


I will help you get clear on who you want to serve and why.


What you need and how to do it.


Crystals & Mind/Body/Spirit connection


   The LOA and using it to your advantage to create the life of your dreams. 


Master your money, but also master the balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of your life and business. Learn how and when to flop between the doing tasks and being in the state of allowing tasks.


Its not really about sales or marketing - Its about alignment, and providing value. 


Mastery of Self+Reiki Master/ Level III Training 

  • Self Mastery - Development and Guidance - Incorporating Reiki practices into your daily life, Self care and your continued healing journey.

  • 11 + Attunements and Experiences

  • 2 Master Symbols

  • Receive powerful training, mentoring and guidance for creating your own Reiki and healing business.

$2500 Value

BONUS : Community and Connection on your Healing Journey Priceless!

Sign up for December 31st, and save! (Payment plans available) 

Your Investment

$5500 plus GST- monthly payment option alternatives upon request.

Please note that this program is designed to be iterative and adaptive to meet the group where they are at.  This means, we may dive into master training earlier or later, go back to refining the business part, etc...

Not interested in the full coaching and just want the training?

Hi, I am Elaine

 I am a certified Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master teacher who has been serving clients for over 5 years and has built a thriving Reiki Business.

 I started my Reiki Healing journey back in 2012, and was once a struggling healer who desired to serve and have a thriving Reiki business. I have always struggled  to speak powerfully to the benefits of Reiki. I have invested many years, money, blood, sweat and tears to learn the ins and outs of building a successful business in the healing world.  Coming from a corporate background and through building my own business, I have utilized my knowledge and expertise in marketing, sales, planning, strategy and innovation to get to where I am today.  My biggest desire to help others do the same without all the headache and struggle, I have found there to be a huge gap in the industry which is why I feel so passionate about continuing to serve and help my practitioners step into their passion and create a thriving healing business.  

I believe deeply in Reiki as an important healing modality for the world and want to see more practitioners step into their healing power and utilize it for the greater good. 



I feel so fortunate to have her in my corner :

I’ve completed my Level I and Level II attunements under Elaine. Her gift for her craft is equal to her knowledge and passion of sharing it with others. The moment I walked in, her calming, patient demeanor put me right at ease. She answered any questions I had and could sense what I needed before I even got to her table.

I feel so fortunate to have her in my corner on this journey.

- Amy


A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses

 - Eric Micha’el Leventhal

This is not for you if…..You want to be on the slow boat to success and flounder while you try and build your own practice. You want inconsistent clients and income, always feeling desperate for that next client or pay cheque.

Usui/ Holy Fire III Reiki Master

 Mastery of Self

Have you been practicing Reiki on yourself or clients, but are feeling ready to take it to the next Level?

Maybe you need a bit more support to really step into your Mastery?

Take the leap of faith into your highest and aligned self and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher

In this 6 week Mastery of Self Course we peel back the layers to get to your Aligned and Highest Self

  • Ignition of the Master Usui and Holy Fire symbol including  (12+ healing attunements, placements and and experiences to accelerate your own level of healing uncover your aligned and highest self)

  • 6 weeks of healing and transformation ( 3 hours of Zoom / week + Q&A)

  • Learn advanced techniques to empower your Reiki practice and self-healing ( Psychic Surgery and Alternate Mental / Emotional and Healing Techniques)

  • Learn how to use a Crystal Grid - Manifestation, moon cycling and working with Reiki, crystals & crystal grids to empower your sessions & desires) 

  • Learn powerful Reiki meditations for your self and clients to help ground and facilitate healing at a deep level.

+ Optional
6 Extra Weeks of Guidance and Support

  • Receive powerful training, mentoring and guidance for creating your own Reiki and healing business.

  • Have me as an in your pocket coach and mentor, review your social media posts and provide feedback.

  • Review client and case studies to assist you with serving your clients to the best of your ability.