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Your day starts at the crack of dawn, and if you are lucky you get a single sip of hot coffee before the kids are at you, making demands at you.


You get ready and after a bit of encouragement *yelling* to hurry or you will be late for work, you are packed in the car, and as you drive away from daycare after drop off you are hit with an overwhelming sense of mom guilt for yelling and being short-tempered with the kids.


You do your best all day being a boss babe, but in your head there are a million things running through, like what are we going to have for supper, you forgot to take something out to cook. 


You reheat your cold coffee for the third time of the day. 


You hustle through an afternoon of meetings and drive like a mad woman, defying time and traffic to come in screaming hot to pick up the kids from daycare just mere minutes before close. 


5:30 PM You frantically zoom home to the pile of breakfast dishes, frantically changing the kids for their activities and decide to pick something for supper up on the way and promise to do better tomorrow. 


Finally you release a sigh of relief as you sit in the bleachers to watch the kids gymnastics or soccer only to find yourself thinking about the social media post you have to do for your side hustle, or the client meeting you need to prep for, the text from your bestie that you forgot to reply to… for 3 days.


You hate being so disconnected from yourself and family, you don’t even know who you are anymore, you lack a sense of purpose.


If this sounds like you, and you want to finally ditch the overwhelm and feel energized in your day keep reading. 

I want to invite you to my 12 week spiritual healing and intuitive coaching program:


  • Feel calm, centered and confident in your day to day activities and understand your purpose and reclaim the woman you are (not just the label of mom or wife) but really bring your badass self to the table.


  • Standing in your feminine essence inspiring your spouse to step up so that you aren’t doing it all alone, rebuild the trust in your relationship and give space to allow him to lead all while learning how to receive.


  • Feel grounded and present with your friends and family, not controlling or worrying about things that you can’t change


  • Go to bed each night and have the best sleep you’ve ever had, no more hamster running with all the things left undone or unsaid.


In this 12 week  journey, I will help you to:


  1. Uncover and identify where you are stuck and why. - Getting really deep into the root cause.

  2.  Remove energetic blocks, release subconscious belief systems, and re-align you with the badass babe you once were (while honouring who you are now).  

  3. Get your confidence back while taking powerful lessons that will catapult your business, relationships and life, so that you feel like you have a purpose.

  4. Uncover that youthful energy and creativity you had before kids while still taking care of things, so that you can actually be present with them, no longer worrying about the to-do list.

  5. Lean into and learn how to go with the flow while still getting everything you want done.

  6. Transform your relationship and create a balance between you and your partner so that you feel really supported. Manage the masculine and feminine energy to inspire your partner to step up  (can you say totally ditch the overwhelm and resentment)


This is for you if….


  • You are tired of hustling and feeling alone in your struggles and your never ending to do list.

  • You are feeling frustrated, angry and resentful towards your spouse and kids, and are ready to let go of the mom-guilt. 

  • You are tired of doing it all, all of the time without support.

  • You are tired of coming home each day, only to start a “ Second Shift” at home.

  • You want to finally go to bed each night feeling really proud of what you have created and accomplished that day and there is still gas left in the tank.

  • You want energy to be fully present with your children.

  • You want to heal and create an intimate relationship with your partner.

  • You want to finally feel like you have a sense of purpose and not just a label.


This includes:

  • Weekly 60 Minute Healing Sessions ( Reiki Pranic Healing or Access Bars) & intuitive guidance via Telephone and Zoom.

  • unlimited text support.

  • Bonus Guide: Closing Energy Leaks to Bring back your Focus

  • Bonus -  Intuitive card readings.  


Send me a DM, or click the link in the below to set up a 15 minute call to see if this is a right fit for you! 


Balanced and Badass Intuitive Business Coaching

12 Week Intuitive Business coaching

Learn how to expand your business with soul.

One 60 minute zoom call every 2 weeks  

Distance Healing and Intuitive Card readings monthly ( every other call) 

Text and email access to review and edit offers/ marketing.


Schedule a call to register!